Who needs a dedicated server? And why you need to choose it from VIKHOST

  Dedicated server it is a separate physical machine which is used for client’s needs. When dedicated server is ordered, client has own dedicated machine with resources like space, bandwidth & more without any restriction.
Below you can find benefits when renting dedicated server:
  - For dedicated server can be chosen configuration and OS what you need. And you don’t need to share this server with someone. Also you can install your own software and applications.
  - You have your own CPU, RAM, disk space and you don’t need to share it with other.
  - Security and privacy as you will have full root access.
  - You have your own IP address.
  - Server can be upgraded with your requirements, if it needs.
  - Network bandwidth, host allows you a certain amount of data transfer per month.
  When you order dedicated server from VIKHOST, you get fast and powerful server with high uptime, 1Gbps network connection, support 24x7, free setup/reinstall and etc. Also dedicated server provides stable, speedy, and customized hosting environment. Server can be used for large websites or websites with has a lot of traffic. Web pages will be opened fast and your customers won’t leave website due to downtime or long page loading.
  VIKHOST is working for clients and provides the best service for their need. Our support works 24x7 to help you with any issues.
  There are a lot of requests from people, who are looking for hosting who sells bitcoin dedicated server or PayPal dedicated server. You can buy cheap dedicated server with your requirements from Vikhost without any problems. For your convenience, we accept different payment methods such as bitcoin, PayPal, Visa/MC, Payeer, Webmoney and other. More details you find on payment methods webpage.
  If you want fast and cheap server, you can buy VPS! Please visit our SSD VPS page and find out more about VPS service from vikhost.com