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The high-end scalability of a virtual private or dedi server stands on the guard of your business operational security and credibility from now on — that’s what Vikhost is all about. Find the best solution that lets your web apps and other capacities function like a breeze.

With our services, great bandwidth and big storage with the desired number of drive slots are easy to rent. Located in Europe, Vikhost’s physical servers will take your company’s performance to the next level in the USA, Canada, and other countries around the globe.

Dedicated Server

Buy a Dedicated server with full root access, high performance, and security. Order a server in a few of clicks!


$ 59 USD / Month

Virtual Server

Order a fast SSD VPS with high connection speed, KVM virtualization, and scalability. Buy a VPS server now!


$ 5.99 USD / Month

Benefits why Vikhost is your best choice

We will help make your business better! Many satisfied clients have been working with us for years!

Pay Less

The main advantage of Vikhost is the first-class quality of services and maintenance at a cheap price. We have worked out various tariff plans in such a way that each client can choose a service to suit his budget and request. Our tariff plans are suitable for hosting small websites to renting high performance dedicated servers that are designed for projects with large databases.

Excellent Performance

Our company provides the best performance for our clients. We are the owners of our own server and network equipment. Vikhost is a member of RIPE NCC and the owner of IP addresses, which guarantees high quality services at a cheap price. We do not involve third parties in providing services to be more security for your business

Data Center Location

Vikhost hosts all dedicated servers and VPS, as well as network infrastructure, in a secure, world-class TIER III data center, Kyiv, Ukraine. The main advantages of our data center are services with high connection speeds, maximum availability, as well as high security, which guarantees you receive quality services.

Client Protection

Our company cares about each of our clients and this is our main goal. You don't have to worry about privacy, we've done it for you. Carefully designed service security, as well as the location of the servers, guarantee you the protection of your data. An undoubted advantage remains payment methods that do not require your KEY.
Support - up to 10 minutes response to a ticket
Payment Methods for paying service
Clients - 87% new clients that don't need to contact us
Linux OS - 95% clients choose linux operating systems
Uptime - 99% service uptime guarantee

Why you should buy server hosting from Vikhost

We provide excellent technical solutions with affordable prices. Grow your business with us!

KVM Virtualization

You get what you pay for! When purchasing our VPS server, you can be sure that you are getting guaranteed server resources. All our hosting plans fully comply with what is stated when ordering a server. You always have a dedicated CPU, Ram, Storage as in the tariff plan. You will not face the problem of sharing services with other clients.
Scalable resources

Scalable Resources

We can always upgrade your VPS or dedicated server if the resources in your current hosting plan are not enough for your needs. You always have the opportunity to add CPU, RAM, storage or an additional IP. All you need to do is contact us and we will solve your tech requirements.
Setup Assistant

Setup Assistant

If you don't know what OS your server needs or can you install the OS you need on an existing server? Perhaps you're not sure which control panels are compatible with which OS? Do not hesitate and contact us for advice, we are always happy to help!
Popular OS and client ISO

Popular OS and Client ISO

Please note that we provide the most popular operating systems for our dedicated servers and VPS such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux. But you also have the opportunity to order a server with a client ISO. To do this, you just need to select the required tariff plan and provide a link to the required ISO.


Perfect Tech Support. We are always here to help you!

We have fast, friendly and professional support available 24/7. We are all happy to help you choose a service that suits your requirements, upgrade your server, or reinstall your OS. With our hosting solutions you will discover what truly great custom service is!

Examples of hosting services used by our clients

Our Virtual Private and Dedicated Servers are Used for Individual and Enterprise Needs
Bare-metal dedicated servers for Performance Oriented Apps

Rent Bare-metal Dedi Servers for Performance-Oriented Apps

Complex tasks like the creation of mission-critical software require well- thought-out decisions. Vikhost offers customization-friendly dedicated servers online with personalized cost-efficiency in mind. Bare metal options will help you satisfy the demand for the highest levels of security, scalability, and operational functionality. These servers are created with all the components your business needs to operate at your peak.

High performance virtual private servers for Software-as-a-Service

As a hosting provider, our company understands how demanding it is to build SAAS applications fast and at a budget-friendly price. With a virtual server, you shouldn’t worry about how your system will cope with a heavy traffic load. Due to complete root access to servers’ configurations, you can easily enjoy unmatched dependability, scalability, and agility. Whenever you seek the latest technologies, feel free to order the desired DS package from Vikhost.
High performance dedicated servers for Software-as-a-Service
Custom server configuration for eCommerce purposes

Custom Server Configuration for eCommerce Purposes

With absolutely configurable web servers, you can create a custom version that suits e-commerce experiences perfectly. Given the functionality of a custom dedi server, you will avoid slow loading times and other issues. Vikhost offers to buy server hosting which ensures the stability of its solutions and backups them with superior uptime and low latencies — everything to support e-business.

KVM Virtual Servers for Small Business Solutions

Vikhost is a virtual server provider that delivers hosting services, which help save time and money on establishing physical configurations on your own. These Europe-based VM are easily accessible and customizable. You can use it for the (small or not highly loaded applications, databases of clients etc.). All you need for a world-class performance is to contact our team for custom solutions or buy the best virtual machines on our website.
KVM VPS for small business solutions

You're a reseller? We welcome it!

Contact us and get a discount for our services!


With our hosting, you don't have to pay in advance for a year or worry about funds being withdrawn from your balance without your consent. We provide the best conditions and payment methods!

Service Cancellation

Service Cancellation

You can cancel your server at any time convenient for you, we do not oblige you to use the service when you do not need it.
Billing Period

Billing Period

We provide services with a minimum billing period of a month.
Payment Details

Payment Details

We don't save payment information from your credit cards or other payment systems.
Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Are you not satisfied with the quality of services? No problem, we will refund your money if our services are not of suitable quality. Just contact us!
Ukraine Hosting VIKHOST


Vikhost is a server provider which offers secure, high-performance, and high-efficiency hosting solutions. When you choose our hosting, you get superior quality and stability. We offer a large selection of servers from entry-level VPS to high-performance dedicated servers.

We use our own hardware and networking equipment, which are located in a reliable TIER 3 data center. Our company has a fair pricing policy that allows you to choose a service for any budget. Also, you need to know — anonymity is a priority for us as we value and respect our clients.

Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations!!!

Benefits of Buying VPS and Dedicated Servers

Root Access

No hidden fees

Monthly payment

Round-the-clock support

Uptime 99.9%

Fast Connectivity

Custom Solutions

Flexible payment methods

Do you need help choosing a hosting service?

If you don't find the configuration you need or have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our managers will help you online to choose the best cost-effective offer for your needs.

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