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  • Setup time vary between 1-3 days, depending on the stock situation.
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  • Minimum rent period is of 1 Month with.
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  • Porn, Botnets, Phishing, Spamming & Other Hacking Activities are NOT allowed in any situation.
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  • All servers are network connected with 1Gbps port.



Perfect Operating Systems for your Dedicated Server

  • Ubuntu Operating System

    This is one of the most popular operating systems. It supports most programming languages and works with all databases. This is the most popular operating system for hosting providers and is widely used by users all over the world. This OS stands out for its high stability. A distinctive feature of an Ubuntu server is that it does not have its own graphical interface, which significantly reduces the capacity consumption. The administration of this operating system is performed via the console.

    Ubuntu Server Versions
    Ubuntu Server 16.04
    Ubuntu Server 18.04
    Ubuntu Server 20.04
    Ubuntu Server 22.04
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  • Debian Operating System

    Like all Linux products, it is an open source server operating system. Debian is one of the most stable and popular distributions, which has earned the trust of many programmers and developers. It has been used both in the server segment and on workstations. This OS is completely free. It features such advantages as easy updating, stability, and fault tolerance.

    Debian Server Versions
    Debian 10 (Buster)
    Debian 11 (Bullseye)
    Debian 12 (Bookworm)
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  • Centos Operating System

    This is a popular operating system that has been widely deployed throughout the world. It is often used for virtual and dedicated servers. It has a number of advantages such as reliability, speed, and security. It is popular with many users such as programmers, developers, and corporate clients. This OS is compatible with most control panels, such as cPanel, ISPManager, and Plesk. Please note that as of December 2020, Red Hat has suspended updates and support for CentOS. However, updates will be released for the CentOS 7 version until 2024.

    CentOS Server Versions
    CentOS Linux 7
    CentOS Streme 8
    CentOS Streme 9
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  • Windows Operating System

    Windows OS has many fans all over the world. It is a multifunctional operating system that can be used to create a remote desktop, host sites and applications based on ASP.NET, and it is indispensable for working with MS SQL Server. It supports the possibility of creating multiple user accounts. It can be easily used thanks to a well-designed and clear interface. Windows Server is available both with a paid license and with a pre-installed Evaluation key that enables users to test Microsoft products before purchasing a license. The trial period for Windows Server of all versions is 180 days.

    Windows Server Versions
    Windows Server 2019 Standart
    Windows Server 2022 Standart
    Windows Server 2019 Evaluation
    Windows Server 2022 Evaluation
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99.9% Service Uptime

It is our goal to ensure the reliable operation of your services. We offer true hosting with no single point of failure. Our hosting service moves, balances, and tune to the needs of your client's instances to guarantee incredible uptime.

Customized Dedicated Servers

We create and provide you with a custom dedicated server that is assembled to meet the needs and requirements of your business and site.

Around-the-clock Tech Support

We understand that problems with servers do not always occur during normal business working hours. That is why our support desk is ready to provide the help and technical guidance you need to deal with dedicated servers around the clock, not just during normal business hours.


Bitcoin is a popular digital currency that uses a highly public, available, and decentralized ledger where a record of transactions is maintained and new units are generated by the computed solution of math problems and operate independently of more traditional and central banks.
From the point of view of hosting, cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin particularly, have considerably impacted the industry's rules.
There are many great advantages to using Bitcoin. It is much quicker and easier to make payments this way for your dedicated server. In addition to this convenience, you also get the benefit of greater safety and enhanced anonymity. Vikhost is a solid hosting service driven by privacy that is not interested, like other companies, in collecting your details but is more interested in our conduct; this is reflected in our commitment to reliability, anonymity, and developing trust with our users and clients.
There are various benefits of buying a dedicated server with Bitcoin from Vikhost. When using bitcoin or cryptocurrency payment methods for dedicated servers, your identities and financial data are protected against hacking and other attacks. The bitcoin server hosting plans we offer can be customized to meet the needs of your business and website. Choose from various tiers that allow you to scale our offerings as your business expands and grows. Also, we can upgrade your existing dedicated server if it needs to.

Do you need Virtual Private Server with Bitcoin?

Choose our Bitcoin VPS!



No contracts

Secure payment method

No Setup Fees/Hidden Cost

Tier III Data Center in Kyiv, Ukraine

Private transactions

Low transaction fees

Full Admin/Root Access

All Linux Distributions & Windows OS

Dedicated Server Service FAQs

You ask, and we answer! Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Bitcoin Dedicated Server!


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