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You can use Bitcoin without any doubt to pay for Dedicated Server provided by VIKHOST

Bitcoin it is digital cryptocurrency.

This payment method enables you to sent payment safely and easy, you need a few minutes to send payment for your order.

Bitcoin enables you to get an instant Windows or Linux Bitcoin Dedicated Servers in a few minutes from anywhere in the world!

We offer great uptime, 1Gbps connection, support 24x7. Our servers located in different countries.

Besides we accept other payment methods such as: VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire, WebMoney, Perfect Money, GPay.
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  • Setup time vary between 1-3 days, depending on the stock situation.
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  • Minimum rent period is of 1 Month with. *No Refund policy for Dedicated Servers.
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  • Porn, Botnets, Phishing, Spamming & Other Hacking Activities are NOT allowed in any situation.
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  • All servers are network connected with 1Gbps uplink port, with a minimum of speed guaranteed 500Mbps.



Dedicated Servers from VIKHOST
Performance & Reliability

Dedicated server is a hosting, where a client gets a separate physical machine with a remote control, separate power supply, channel and a place in the server rack, as a rule a server has a large power reserve. The server is on the technical platform of the data-center. A server is provided with full access. The main advantage is that you do not have any neighbouring machines on the server, which work could influence the work of your hosting. The dedicated server is used to host large projects with a large number of clients or projects with great resource consumption.

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