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How To Clear or Remove Linux Logins History

How To Clear or Remove Linux Logins History — On Linux systems, there are three standard commands that show information about the most recently connected users: last, lastb and lastlog. The output of these commands includes: login, time of last connection , IP address, port, etc. To preserve anonymity, it is necessary to clear the history of recent connections.
Command Log Description last /var/log/wtmp Lists successful login/logout history lastb /var/log/btmp History of failed login attempts lastlog var/log/lastlog List of the last connected users To remove all the information about the last logged in users, you need to clear the logs: ...
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How to Find the Largest Files in Linux

How to Find the Largest Files in Linux — The search for large files is especially relevant when the disk runs out of space and you have to look for files to delete. The best way to find all the largest files on a Linux server is to use the command line. You can easily get a list of the largest files using a combination of several simple commands. How to Find the Largest Files in Linux: Sometimes you can search for large files, especially large log files that can quickly fill your server, with the following command you can ...
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MySQL - Create new user | VIKHOST

MySQL Server-Create New User and Grant Permissions

Create New User and Grant Permissions to MySQL database server In this article, we will explain how to create a new user in MySQL, and grant permissions to that user in MySQL. Creating a new user in MySQL database and granting permissions is an easy task if you follow this tutorial carefully. 1. Log in to MySQL To log in to MySQL system uses the following command: mysql -u root –p By executing this command we tell the MySQL client to log us in with the root user and to prompt us for the user’s password. 2. Creating a new ...
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MySQL - Enable Remote Access | VIKHOST

MySQL Server-Enable Remote Access

Enable remote access to MySQL database server If you try to connect to server mysql from remote server, you will get an error. Initially, mysql uses the standard localhost connection ( It needs to be fixed this in the configuration file my.cnf (usually in Linux the file is located /etc/mysql/my.cnf) In my.cnf we need to find line: bind-address = It needs to be changed to: bind-address = Now after service mysql restart we can connect to mysql from any IP (if the user is created). At the same time, for the root user, remote access remains under the ...
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