Why is reliable and fast SSD VPS important for an online business.

  You need to understand how to choose the best VPS hosting for your needs. VPS is suitable for small or medium scale businesses. When you want to buy VPS, there are some requirement which should pay attention like as great uptime, fast SSD, technical support 24x7, network connection and etc.
Below you can check some advantage of VPS hosting:
  - VPS is much more cheaper than dedicated server and you don’t share your space with other customer like on shared hosting.
  - VPS is flexible. If you want to upgrade your VPS, it can be done easily. You do not have to pay for excessive resources you have not yet grown into. You can customized VPS with features (CPU cores, RAM, storage/disk space) what you need and safe money on other addons features.
  - You will get technical support 24x7 as dedicated server and you don’t need to worry about any issues.
  - You get total server space and high security. Despite the fact that you share server with other client you have your own private environment. This means that you will have root access and will also be able to use scripts if you want to.
  When you rent VPS from vikhost.com you get service with high uptime, technical support 24x7, free setup/reinstall, 1Gbps network connection and a lot of else. If you want to find out more about fast SSD VPS check here.
  Our clients often ask us about different payment methods. We want to notify that we accept bitcoin, PayPal, Visa/MC, Payeer, Webmoney and other. Nowadays a lot of people are looking for hosting who sells bitcoin VPS or PayPal VPS, you can buy SSD VPS with mentioned payment methods without any problems. More details you find on payment methods webpage.
  If you are still looking for a dedicated server, more information about dedicated servers from vikhost you can find on our webpage dedicated servers.