How To: Remount /etc/fstab Without Rebooting in Linux

The file /etc/fstab contains necessary information for automatic mounting of partitions.
Usually, after this file editing, you need to reload the Linux server for the changes to take effect.
In the article below we will show you that refreshing the commands in fstab or restarting the operation system in Linux is not necessary.

Reload fstab without reboot in command line from root:

sudo mount -a


sudo mount -av

remount fstab

This simple command remounts all file systems which specified in /etc/fstab, with the exception of partitions with the noauto option.

Wrapping up

We hope that after reading our article, you were able to reload fstab without rebooting. Also in the frequently asked questions you will find answers to the most popular questions that may arise when working with /etc/fstab.

Remount fstab FAQs