How to install htop on CentOS

In this article you will find an easy way to install htop on CentOS 7/8. You need to know that the ftop command is indispensable in many cases. And also htop displays many real-time metrics. If you need to track a list of all running processes, average load, uptime, as well as monitor memory usage, CPU process, CPU load, etc. on your Linux VPS or dedicated server in real time.

1. Install epel release

At first we will enable the epel release on CentOS.

yum -y install epel-release

Next step will be

2. Install htop with Yum command

sudo yum -y install htop

If you are asked for a password after executing the command, then enter it
After the Installation just type the “htop” into the command line and press enter. By following these simple steps, you now have an installed CentOS htop.

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Summary: htop CentOS install

We showed you a simple and at the same time very useful command on how you can control and monitor your Linux server.