HTTP - Status Codes

Server Response Code it is server response 3-digit integer, the first digit it is defines the class of response and the last two digits do not have any categorization role. Below you can find the most popular the Server Response Codes:
1XX Informational
100 Continue - This is a kind of confirmation from the server that the initial request has been successfully accepted, you can continue the actions that you have started (for example, scanning).
101 Switching Protocols The server switches protocol.
102 Processing - the request is received by the server, and at this stage it goes through the processing procedure. This does not mean that the process is about to end, but you should not disconnect.
2XX Success
200 OK - the request was received by the server, and at this stage it passes the most important code that characterizes the state of all pages of the site open for scanning. In other words, this code should contain all the URLs that should be indexed and shown in the output. 200 OK means that the server received the request, successfully processed it without any problems.
207 Multi Status - the received request has been successfully processed, several actions have been taken in the process.
3XX Redirection
300 Multiple - Choices appears when the request is directed to an address that refers to several pages (documents), in this case it is impossible to determine which one should be used.
301 Moved Permanently - The requested page has moved to a new url .
302 Found / Moved Temporarily - given to pages that were moved to another address, but only for a while, and in the future they are planned to return to their original place. The code tells the search engine bots that the page itself should remain in the index, the transfer is temporary.
304 Not Modified - saves resources for rescanning a document or page that has not been modified since the previous scan process. Pages with such code are involved in the index, but they use data obtained during the previous scan.
4XX Client Error
400 Bad Request - the server reports a syntax error in the request.
401 Unauthorized - it you want to have access to this page (document) you need to enter a password or go through registration and try again after authorization.
403 Forbidden - denies access to the document. Often appears if entry from a specific IP is denied.
404 Not Found - It appears if the document or page was not found at the time of the request, as well as in case of an error in the spelling of the address.
410 Gone - it informs the user that he requested a remote page (document). The code 410 means that the document existed before, but is now permanently deleted.
5XX Server Error
500 Internal Server Error - he request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition.
503 Service Unavailable - it reports temporary shortcomings from the server that are technical in nature, for example, about excessive workload due to exceeding the allowable number of requests.
504 Gateway Timeout - code means that the waiting time for a response from the upstream server has expired, to which the main server sends the request, which in this case is a proxy server or gateway.
505 HTTP Version Not Supported - the server received a denial of response to the request due to the use of a different version of the HTTP protocol.
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