How to Shutdown or Reboot Debian 10

In this small guide you will find how to quickly and easily reboot or power off a server running Debian 10. Also you can use the commands below for Debian 11. If you don't know or aren't sure what version your Debian VPS or dedicated server has, then first check out the Debian version in this article.

We will look at two methods on how to reboot or shut down a Debian server.

First method: Systemctl command

Shutdown Debian 10:

systemctl poweroff

Reboot Debian 10:

systemctl reboot

Second method: Shutdown command

An alternative to the Systemctl command is to use the shutdown command.
To power off the server using the shutdown command. To do this, open a terminal and use the command below:
shutdown --poweroff

If you want to cancel the command, you need to use the -c switch along with the shutdown command.
Reboot server using shutdown command:
shutdown --reboot


Through these various methods described in this article, you can shutdown and reboot your system.