How connect to SSH

After activation of your VPS and receiving access credentials to your Linux VPS, you can log in to the server using SSH protocol. At first you need to download SSH-client PuTTy.

1. Run the program

2. Fill in the required fields:

    Host name (or IP address): IP address of your VPS
    Saved Sessions:
    Port: 22
    Connection type: SSH

Putty configuration

Click "Save". It will save your settings. The next time at start, you will need to select “” from the list of saved sessions and click “Load”, item 2 can be skipped when restarting.
Click "Open"
Enter the login and password specified in the email with access details in the section "SSH access". When you enter a password, it is not displayed for security reasons. Therefore, just enter the password and at the end of the input press Enter. The password can also be copied / pasted into the input window. The insertion is done by clicking the right mouse button.
You entered to the server console, now you can manage your VPS using commands.

Putty ssh connect