What you need to know about cPanel

   For convenient and easy management of your hosting were created control panels. If you have no experience in hosting service and you are new in this field - it doesn't matter: this type of software is intended for a wide range of users and gives everyone the opportunity to understand how it works. An intuitive interface connects a wide range of available functions, thanks to which it becomes possible to perform all sorts of tasks of varying complexity.
   cPanel one of the most popular control panels. The platform provides users with an intuitive graphical interface that facilitates the process of managing web hosting. VIKHOST provides fast SSD VPS and dedicated servers which can be used with cPanel.
   cPanel is a resource manager, so you can optimize the site, set performance and change the load and a lot of else.
cPanel’s advantages:
  - Using cPanel, you can automate any system management processes.
  - Full control over hosting with the cPanel.
  - cPanel easy to use. A lot of functions can be done with cPanel.
  - cPanel supports many languages.
  - You always have support which can help you with any issues.
  - The ability to create reseller accounts.
  - There are a large number of settings in the administrative WHM panel.
  - PostgreSQL database management is organized.
cPanel’s disadvantages:
  - cPanel is a paid web hosting control panel.
  - There is no management of DNS records, control of the level of access to databases, etc., there is only the setting of MX records.
  - High system requirements.
  - cPanel setups on Linux OS.
  - The cPanel works through non-standard ports 2082 or 2083.
  - cPanel uses the old engine.
  - Lack of support for older PHP versions.
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