SWEDEN Virtual Private Servers from VIKHOST

Maximum speed and stability

Our cloud VPS servers will meet your requirements when it comes to speed and stability. Our servers are located in separate datacenters across Sweden to provide a maximum amount of redundancy and thus guaranteeing an uptime of 99,9%. Sweden Dedicated uses only high-end servers for it’s vps nodes, all servers feature latest Intel dual Hexa-core processors. Your Virtual Machine will be stored on SSD (Solid State) disks in raid-10, giving maximum speed and security. Furthermore, all servers are connected to the internet through redundant 1000 Mbit connections.
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  • Setup time vary between 1-12 hours, depending on the stock situation.
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  • Minimum contract period is of 1 Month with.
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  • Porn, Hacking Activities, Phishing, Spamming are not allowed in any situation.



Control & Functionality

VPS – Virtual Private Server. If you rent VPS service, your services will be on VPS, which is on a powerful dedicated server. VPS functions independently from each other. So if there are a few VPS on one physical server, they do not influence functioning of each other. Each virtual server gets its own dedicated resources. The owner of VPS gets a full access (root) to own virtual server and can work with it like with a separate physical server. It will also help to install any additional applications, modules and services. It will also help to do any suitable settings of all programs. In case you use VPS the Virtual servers share the resources of their physical server – its processors, RAM and network bandwidth. In such a way, VPS-hosting gives you full access and control of your server and practically the same advantages as the physical server has. And at the same time the price of a virtual server is much lower than of a dedicated server, and its productivity is higher than the productivity when using a virtual hosting.
The Rent of a VPS server is an ideal solution for the users with high-loaded and often visited sites, also if the flexibility of settings needs to be higher than of a usual virtual hosting. At the same time it is a cheaper alternative to a “Dedicated server”. A special feature of a VPS hosting is availability if guaranteed resources, that are user by every VPS-hosting account.
Pure SSD
100% SSD storage in our network. SSD is faster than HDD around 100-200 times. The best performance for our customers.
24/7 Technical Support
All plans include our true round-the-clock support. We offer technical support, which is available 24/7
1Gbp/s Network Connection
All our nodes is running on 1Gbp/s. Your VPS run with highest internet connection.
Privase & Security
We protect customer data and information. We do not disclose your data to third parties
The most popular OS
What do you prefer - CentOS, Ubutnu, Debian? With our SSD VPS hosting you choose from one of our pre-made OS Templates & it’s all set up instantly for you.
Guaranteed resources
Each user is granted with the requested configuration & power of virtual server.
Stable data center
All of our virtual private servers are hosted in our highly secured state-of-the-art data center located in the Sweden.
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We install the following operating systems