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Perfect Operating Systems for your Self-Managed VPS

  • Ubuntu Operating System

    This is one of the most popular operating systems. It supports most programming languages and works with all databases. This is the most popular operating system for hosting providers and is widely used by users all over the world. This OS stands out for its high stability. A distinctive feature of an Ubuntu server is that it does not have its own graphical interface, which significantly reduces the capacity consumption. The administration of this operating system is performed via the console.

    Ubuntu Server Versions
    Ubuntu Server 16.04
    Ubuntu Server 18.04
    Ubuntu Server 20.04
    Ubuntu Server 22.04
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  • Debian Operating System

    Like all Linux products, it is an open source server operating system. Debian is one of the most stable and popular distributions, which has earned the trust of many programmers and developers. It has been used both in the server segment and on workstations. This OS is completely free. It features such advantages as easy updating, stability, and fault tolerance.

    Debian Server Versions
    Debian 10 (Buster)
    Debian 11 (Bullseye)
    Debian 12 (Bookworm)
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  • CentOS Operating System

    This is a popular operating system that has been widely deployed throughout the world. It is often used for virtual and dedicated servers. It has a number of advantages such as reliability, speed, and security. It is popular with many users such as programmers, developers, and corporate clients. This OS is compatible with most control panels, such as cPanel, ISPManager, and Plesk. Please note that as of December 2020, Red Hat has suspended updates and support for CentOS. However, updates will be released for the CentOS 7 version until 2024.

    CentOS Server Versions
    CentOS Linux 7
    CentOS Streme 8
    CentOS Streme 9
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  • Windows Operating System

    Windows OS has many fans all over the world. It is a multifunctional operating system that can be used to create a remote desktop, host sites and applications based on ASP.NET, and it is indispensable for working with MS SQL Server. It supports the possibility of creating multiple user accounts. It can be easily used thanks to a well-designed and clear interface. Windows Server is available both with a paid license and with a pre-installed Evaluation key that enables users to test Microsoft products before purchasing a license. The trial period for Windows Server of all versions is 180 days.

    Windows Server Versions
    Windows Server 2019 Standart
    Windows Server 2022 Standart
    Windows Server 2019 Evaluation
    Windows Server 2022 Evaluation
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Pure Solid State Drives (SSDs)

100% SSD storage in our network. SSD is faster than HDD by around 100-200 times. The best performance for our customers.

24/7 Technical Support

VPS plans include our true round-the-clock support. We offer technical support, which is available 24/7

1Gbp/s Network Connection

Server nodes are running on 1Gbp/s. Your VPS runs with the highest internet connection.

Privacy & Security

We protect customer data and information. We do not disclose your data to third parties.

The Most Popular OS

What do you prefer - CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows? With our Ukraine VPS hosting, you can choose the operating system that suits you.

Guaranteed resources

KVM virtualisation guarantees for each VPS ordered resources: processor, memory, hard disk, network interface.

Stable data center

Our servers are hosted in highly secured state-of-the-art data center TIER III

Control Panel - cPanel

The world’s favourite cPanel. Grow Your Business with cPanel! Easily configure, monitor, and protect servers and sites in minutes.


Vikhost provides unmanaged VPS to its customers. Many customers know this hosting solution as a self-managed VPS. The main advantage is full control over the virtual machine. This service enables you to administer, install, and update software yourself. You save significantly, as you do not have to pay for server administration. You have full access to the VM, use its capacities, and control the security of the service. In turn, our company is fully responsible for ensuring uptime of 99.98% and 24/7 availability.

Do you need Dedicated Server?

Choose our Dedicated Server!


Benefits of Buying VPS unmanaged

Installation clients ISO

Dedicated IPv4 Address

Cryptocurrencies Accepted

Tier III Data Center in Kyiv, Ukraine

Full Admin/Root Access

Uptime 99,9% Guarantee

30 day Money back guarantee

All Linux Distributions & Windows OS

UNMANAGED VPS Hosting Service FAQs

You ask, and we answer! Here are the most frequently asked questions about our VPS service!


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