Advantages Of Buying A Server With Cryptocurrencies

Are you looking for a cheaper yet more secure alternative to pay for anonymous VPS hosting? Well, you can pay using cryptocurrencies! You can buy VPS Bitcoin or a dedicated server using other cryptos! Cryptocurrencies offer more reliable payment options than other online payment systems. So, how do you purchase servers with Cryptos? Here is our handy guide on buying VPS or dedicated servers with cryptocurrencies.

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

It is one type of digital currency that only exists virtually. Cryptocurrencies use Blockchain and Web 3 cryptography for optimal transactional security. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins work under decentralized networks. Other popular crypto coins include Ethereum and Litecoin.

What Are The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Payouts?

Access to new capital liquidity: Businesses use cryptos to increase their financial liquidity.
Lower fraud and chargeback risks: All crypto transactions happen using Blockchain, which is irreversible and secure.
Greater privacy and transparency: Crypto payments don't require personal information and hold no public record.
Easy cross-border transactions: You can make international transactions with lower transaction costs.
Increased efficiency: Most crypto processing has faster settlement cycles for merchant payouts.
Access to global markets: You can pay for almost anything without intermediaries or restrictions.

What Type of Servers Can You Buy With Crypto?

buy server with crypto

When purchasing a server with Bitcoins, you will see how many options you have. These are the most popular ones among the different types of web servers!

Bitcoin Dedicated Server

As the name suggests, Dedi Servers are Bare Metal Servers offering individual physical servers. You can use the entire Bitcoin Dedicated Server to host a single website or multiple applications. With a dedicated server, you become the sole controller of server configurations. You do the customization and install the software according to your liking!

You can make the dedicated server Bitcoin payment once you choose a suitable server provider. However, you must select proper server specifications that give you enough flexibility for future customization. Later, you can expand the server hardware to support your business expansion.

Bitcoin VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

After Dedicated Servers, you have the option to purchase a Bitcoin VPS. Any Virtual Private Server is the perfect blend of shared and dedicated hosting. Even though you get your own server space, you share the physical server hardware with multiple users.

With a VPS, you can have several VPS instances and use them to host separate applications or websites. Virtual private servers are very pocket-friendly as you pay only for the server space allocated to you. Plus, you get a fully-secured server space, much better than traditional shared hosting.

Bitcoin Cloud Servers

Even though Cloud Servers are like Virtual Servers, they are unique in terms of service and usability. Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft offer cloud services to businesses in need. You can choose a cloud service provider to get Cloud Servers.

Cloud Servers allow you to host your website or applications over the internet. So, the physical server stays at a separate location, yet your website functions as expected. You don’t need a physical server space to control the configurations or server resources. Instead, the cloud provider allocates more resources if your website gets high traffic spikes. So, you get full resource scalability!

Why Buy VPS with Bitcoin or A Bitcoin Dedicated Server?

Today, you have many ways to pay for your server setup, and Crypto is one of them. But are you still trying to decide whether you should use cryptos? Let’s look at the advantages you might get for paying your servers with cryptocurrency!

Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity: The main advantage to buy VPS with Bitcoin is the instant automatic setup. The service provider handles all privacy settings as they set up the Virtual Private Networks, Firewalls, and Identity Access Management policies. So, your server remains protected from unauthorized user access.

Advanced DDoS Protection With VPNs: Your hosting provider set up the Virtual Private Networks to obscure the usage of your server resources. Plus, they implement stateful and high-performing DDoS Attack protection. So, all your crypto transactions remain protected from cyberthefts.

Global Accessibility and Flexibility: You can make a dedicated server Bitcoin payment without considering the geo-restrictions. Most cryptos are easily playable across borders. So, you can buy servers literally from any part of the world. Moreover, their decentralized nature eliminates all boundaries imposed by traditional exchange systems.

Cheaper and Faster Payments: With Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use any cryptocurrency to purchase server transactions. You can easily find a provider from overseas and pay minimal transactional costs. Plus, they don’t ask for your banking details or personal information.

Cryptocurrencies offer the highest transactional anonymity over any online payment system. Unlike traditional methods, cryptos are free of region-specific banking rules and regulations. Thus, you can protect your sensitive financial information and buy VPS with Bitcoin. You can opt for other web hosting services on the internet and enjoy all the above advantages!

How to make a VPS or dedicated server Bitcoin payment?

VPS and dedicated server Bitcoin payment

Paying for your VPS or dedicated server with Bitcoin involves a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to ease out your Bitcoin payment process:

Select a Server Provider: Choose a reliable server provider that accepts a VPS or dedicated server Bitcoin payment. Ensure the provider offers the type of server (VPS or dedicated) that meets your requirements.

Configure Your Server: Customize the server specifications based on your needs. Select the appropriate server resources, such as storage, RAM, and processing power.

Checkout and Payment: Proceed to the checkout or payment page. Look for the cryptocurrency payment option using Bitcoins or Cryptocurrencies.

Generate a Payment Invoice: The server provider may generate a payment invoice. Use your Bitcoin wallet to initiate the payment by scanning or entering the wallet address.

Confirm the Transaction: Once you start the payout, confirm the transaction. Blockchain technology offers complete transactional transparency. You can track the status of the payment on the blockchain.

Server Setup and Activation: The provider will set up and activate your VPS or dedicated server after the payment. You can use your credentials to access your server.

With the payment complete and the server activated, you can now use your Bitcoin VPS or dedicated server to host websites or applications.

Is Online Anonymity Essential?

Online anonymity is critical for protecting your website from privacy breaches and online data thefts. Here are the reasons why online anonymity is essential:

   Protect personal privacy from unauthorized surveillance.
   Prevent identity theft due to phishing and social engineering attacks.
   Avoid targeted advertising that tracks your online activities.
   Secure financial transactions over the Internet.

Why Choose An Anonymous VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server?

The need for anonymity in server transactions goes beyond mere privacy concerns. Specific industries and individuals require heightened levels of anonymity to protect sensitive information and ensure the security of their operations. An anonymous VPS hosting or dedicated server shields against prying eyes and potential cyber threats. This is particularly crucial for businesses and individuals handling confidential data or operating in regions with strict regulations.

Conclusion: Buy VPS Bitcoin And Other Types Of Hosting

buy vps bitcoin

When acquiring a server with traditional payment methods, you put yourself and your customers at risk as their financial data might get leaked over the internet. But a Bitcoin dedicated server or a Bitcoin VPS eliminates such chances!

Cryptocurrencies allow you to make secured purchases without revealing your personal or financial information. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies makes them an appealing choice for today’s online transactions. So, you should also use cryptos to pay for your servers hosted overseas!